SciBR Connect

Knowledge Networks

We promote and work in partnership with local knowledge-based networks, connecting, supporting and helping publicize their activities.


PUB meetups are interdisciplinary seminars and networking, in which invited speakers present what they research, study, create and develop. 

They are organized by the Brazilian scientific, technology/innovation and cultural community in various locations.


SciBr Annual Conference

We organize integration events with professionals working in several areas in order to catalyze new connections and to inspire young talent.


Partnerships and collaborations

  • hiPUC Program in Healthcare Innovation, with PUC-PR and ITA 
  • BIO 2016: 1st Innovation International Summit, at Bio Conference 2016, with ABDI, Abiquifi and PUBTechSF
  • BIO 2015: "Tecnologia e negócios para novos fármacos e biotecnologia: a Diáspora Brasileira como facilitadora" at Bio Conference 2015, with ABDI, MDIC e Abiquifi, PUB-Philly and BEN-DC