SciBr is a 501(c)(3) charitable, educational and scientific organization dedicated to promoting meaningful cultural and cooperative exchange between the United States and Brazil in education, science, innovation and research. 

Our mission is to connect Brazilian scientists, artists and entrepreneurs working abroad and to mobilize their talents to create a more prosperous, fair and sustainable Brazil.



Cristina Caldas

Tatiana Hochgreb-Hägele

Michelle Padua

Naira Ferreira Bonifácio
Head of Brazil


Board of Directors

Ana Lopes
Director, Business Development, Physical Sciences, Boston University

Marina Moreira
Postdoctoral Scientist, Harvard

Vitor Pamplona
Co-Founder EyeNetra


Advisory Board

Fernanda Viégas
Manager and Research Scientist, Google

Marco Barrozo
Founder - CIO, HSQ Capital

Oded Grajew
General Coordinator, Rede Nossa São Paulo; President Emeritus, Instituto Ethos

Rogerio Vivaldi, MD, PhD
Chief Commercial Officer, Spark Therapeutics

Silverio Zebral Filho
Head of Government Innovation Unit, Organization of the American States (OAS)


Collaborators and Volunteers

Jessica Toyota
Director of Communication

Monica Matsumoto

Vagner Jesus

Adriana Cohen
Communication Consultant

What we do

To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Promote interdisciplinary spaces to share knowledge and culture

  • Foster the creation of innovative channels connecting Brazilian talents with needs from Brazil

Art by Carol Ramos

Art by Carol Ramos

Art by Carol Ramos

Art by Carol Ramos


Art by Carol Ramos

Art by Carol Ramos